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     Geoffrey Thomas Law; A Descendant of William the Conqueror, King of England.

William the Conqueror's son's son's daughter's son's daughter's daughter's son's daughter's  daughter's son's son's son's son's son's son's daughter's son's son's son's daughter's son's son's  son's son's son's son's daughter's son's daughter's son's son is Law, Geoffrey Thomas.

Therefore, William The Conqueror, born 1028, in Falaise, Normandy, France, and died on Thursday,  September 9, 1087 at Hermentrube, Near Rouen, France, is my 30 times Grandfather.

Blood Line: King of England, William the Conqueror son King of England, Henry I son of Caen,  Robert daughter Fitz Robert, Maud son of Kevelioc, Hugh daughter of Chester, Mabel daughter De  Aubigny, Nichola son De Somery II, Roger daughter De Somery, Margaret daughter de Sutton, Maud son  Josselin, Geoffrey son Jocelyn, Ralph son Josselin, Geoffrey son Josselyn, Geoffry son Josselin,  John son Josselin, Ralph daughter Josselin, Agnes son Brock, John son Brock, William son Brock,  William daughter Brock, Mary son Reeve, John son Reeve of Ridgewell, John son Reeve of Lyons,  Joseph son Reeve, Thomas son Reeve, James son Reeve, Richard daughter Reeve, Sarah Anne son Bird,  Charles daughter Bird, Eliza Annie son Law, Harold George son Law, Geoffrey Thomas

G.T.Law September 2010.


The Monumental Inscriptions in the Church & Churchyard of High Halden, Kent.

Thomas Lindridge c1727 - 1792, & his wife, Susannah Peirson 1725 - 1785

Inscription states:- 

"Thomas Lindridge of this Parish died 1 January 1792 aged 65. Also Susannah his wife  died 2 December 1785 aged 59. Issue John, Susannah, Thomas, William, Edward and  Joseph".

(My great,great,great,great,great,grandfather,& mother, were Thomas & Susannah  Lindridge. G.T.Law)

Also:    William Law c1557 - 1627.  (Not in the tree yet; but maybe soon?)

On a Flat-stone, in the Porch of High Halden Church Kent, states:                      
              "Wm Law of Halden died 7 February 1627 in 70th yeare".

G.T.Law January 2008.


The Monumental Inscriptions in the Church & Churchyard of Appledore, Kent

On a Wall-stone in the church, reads,

                      " 1939-1945  PTE Albert Law - R.A.S.C "

From Churchyard Memorials:

" In loving memory of Edwin Robert Law, who died Dec.9th 1916 Age 16 years "

" In loving memory of Emma Law, the beloved wife of Frederick Law, who departed this  life October 2nd 1896 aged 39 years - She is gone but not forgotten; Also Ronald  Edward Law, who departed this life Dec.2nd 1896, aged 3 months."

" In loving memory of James Law born Oct.12th 1842, died July 27th 1908, also  Elizabeth wife of the above born Sept. 1841 died Feb.26th 1900" (My Great Grandfather  and Great Grandmother were James Law, and Elizabeth Law, nee Campany.

Information collated by the late Valerie Ann Southwell nee Law (1953-2007)


Reverend James Fitch (1622-1702)
 A Founding Settler of Norwich, Connecticut, USA; and First Minister of Saybrook  Congregational Church and the First Congregational Church of Norwich,Connecticut.

(James Fitch's grandfather's great great great great great great great great great  grandson is G.T.Law)

James Fitch's father Thomas died when James was only ten years old. James was left  money in his fathers' will, which enabled him to go and study at Cambridge  University. During his studies at Cambridge, he was taken under the wing of Rev.  Thomas Hooker of Chelmsford, a friend of Thomas Fytche who was also mentioned in the  will.

At only sixteen, he sailed to America in 1638 with the  Rev. Hooker  who had decided  to go to America and establish a church there. James finished his theological study  in Hartford, Connecticut under the Reverend Hooker and Reverend Samuel Stone, also of  Bocking, England. A new Church was built in Saybrook, Connecticut and James Fitch was  ordained as its first minister in 1646.  James was a Founding settler of Norwich and  Saybrook, Connecticut. He was ordained Rev. James Fitch, to become the first ordained  minister of Saybrook Congregational Church and the First Congregational Church of  Norwich. James intervention got Uncas of the Mohegans, and the Pequot Indians, to  side with the English against King Philip's Narragansett tribes. Their fair dealings  with the Indians spared these settlers who were on the very frontier at that time. On October 1, 1648, James married Abigail Whitfield (born 08/1622) of nearby  Guilford, Connecticut. The ceremony was performed by her father, Reverend Whitfield.

James must approached his mother, Anna (nee Reeve 1590-1686) and his brothers about  settling in America, and in about 1650, Anna Fitch and her sons Thomas, Samuel and  Joseph sailed from England, to join James.

In 1659, the congregation at Saybrook received permission to establish a new  settlement at Norwich, Connecticut and Rev.James Fitch accompanied them as their  leader along with Major John Mason. Just before leaving, Abigail died on September 9,  1659. James and his six children, James II, Abigail, Elizabeth, Hannah, Samuel and  Dorothy, went alone to Norwich the following month.

James Fitch then married Priscilla Mason, daughter of Major John Mason in October of  1664. This marriage produced eight more children, Daniel, John, Jeremiah, Jabez, Ann,  Nathaniel, Joseph and Eleazer.

When King Philip's War began in 1675, Rev.Fitch was instrumental in getting Uncas  and the Mohegans, and also the Pequot Indians, to side with the English against King  Philip's Narragansett tribes. Their fair dealings with the Indians spared these  settlers who were on the very frontier at that time. Uncas, was the Indian chief made  famous by James Fenimore Cooper in 'The Last of The Mohegans', was the chief who sold  the lands of Norwich to Fitch and Mason and the others settlers.

In 1695, James founded and settled a new town nearby, Lebanon, Connecticut, where he  moved to in 1701 when he retired from the church in Norwich. He remained in Lebanon  until his death at age eighty on November 18, 1702. He is buried at the churchyard  there and his stone remains in the old cemetery.

You can read about the Fitch Family Ancestry in:- 
 "William Fytche of Little Canfield and his Descendants"; Volumes I, II, & III

 G.T.Law. January 2008.


 Level: Sub-Fonds  Calendar of Essex Assize File [ASS 35/57/1] Assizes held at  Chelmsford 6 March 1615

INQUISITION taken at Morrell ROOTHING, 3 October 12 James I,  before Wm.Andrewes, Coroner, upon the view of the body of John Birde. The  jurors say that Rich.Crowe of Morrell Roding labourer, 30 September there  having in his hands "a hand gun" charged with "powder and haylshott" by  accident "did discharge" it and shot the said Bird in the lower part of the  left side of his belly, giving him a mortal wound of which he died, 2 October  Pleads not guilty; by misfortue.

Was this 'Birde' that was shot and killed in 1615, one of our Ancestors?;  Further investigations are needed.

G.T.Law.     January 2008.


A 'Law' Ancestor who was Murdered!

This article was forwarded for submission By Mr Anthony(Tony)Law, of Harrington  Park, New South Wales 2567, Australia.

He wrote;

My time travel via the family tree, began over 30 years ago when my  grandmother mentioned a family bible, and was able to get me a photocopy of  the entries back to the mid 19th century (unfortunately the bible has  disappeared). My interest was re-awoken by a cousin a couple of years ago, and  by using Internet resources and talking to older family members, I was able to  flesh out some of the detail of the family history. Today the tree has over  700 Laws listed.

The biggest surprise was to learn that one of my Grandfathers brothers  arrived in Fremantle in 1911, the West Australian Genealogy Society tracked  down the details for me. Then found his marriage in Mornington, Victoria and  subsequently four of his surviving children! I now have over twenty true  blue relatives in Wagga Wagga and Narrandera. We had a great 'get together' in  2007.

Using info from the Kent Family Historical Society's CDs, and subsequently  Free BMD, and Ancestry.co.uk, I have now traced our direct line back to c1600  in Lenham, near Maidstone; Coincidentally one of my daughters lives in the  village today!

Nobody in the tree has any claim to fame, we were all Agricultural  Labourers, but I did find out that one of my forebears, William Law (aged 80)  was murdered on 11th February 1849 by housebreakers (parish register entry) at  Bethersden.(see Death Certificate at William Law 1769-1849 photospace. Out of  interest I ordered his death certificate, issued by the Cranbrook Coroner, which  stated his cause of death as Feloniously murdered by George Millen and Henry  Sheepwash.  Both were only 17 years old. From the convict records their trial was  concluded 10th March 1852.

Of course, now I wanted to know what had happened to the perpetrators of this  felony! Suspecting that they would have been hanged, I checked the internet  for executions in the UK, and found that George Millen was publicly hanged  outside Maidstone Jail by William Calcraft, on 29th March 1849 (public hanging  was abolished in 1868).  William Calcraft became England's most prolific  executioner with over 450 hangings to his name.

In the 1851 Census, Henry Sheepwash was still languishing in Maidstone Jail,  but on 3rd May 1852 he was transported from Plymouth on board the  vessel 'William Jardine', bound for the The Swan Colony, arriving in  Fremantle, West Australia, on the 1st August 1852, to serve a life term.

Anthony Law -  January 2008.

(I would like to thank Tony, for all the many hours of sterling work, and  effort, that he has put into 'un-earthing' the many "Law's of Kent", and not  only for all the help and assistance he has given to me over the past 3 years,  but for finding the time to visit my old Uncle Reginald (Jack) Law (1915-  2007) whilst in the Como Nursing Home in Como, Perth, W.Australia, just  before 'Reggie Jack' died in 2007.   G.T.Law. 23/01/2008)                             *********************************

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